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About YOE is in store online shopping website having many products to offer.  This website  is an in store online shopping web site established about a year and 8 months ago. The intent was just for a blog but then after six months the idea of integration came up. So the online shop I set up using woo commerce platform with WordPress. The shop online previously get the supplies of shopping items directly from AliExpress. I like the integration between these three platforms.

The integration is now removed due to transaction difficulties and shall be reinstated when things improves.

So now the products are mainly health and wellness products  from global and local companies.

Not only setting up the online shop with woo commerce is easy with AliExpress but also setting it up for affiliate products is easy. So instead of just having an online shopping blog, this website also have a page for affiliate shops from global companies and local ones making it easier to do an online shopping.

Affiliate shops have selected products from various platforms such as ClickBank, InvolveAsia, and CJ to name a few.

I also personally have my own online Shopee Malaysia shop. I used local Malaysian goods here at shopee. You are welcome to visit the shop and subscribe it.

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