Why is Super Total Care or STC30 So Important

Deserve to be Super total care labeled or known as STC30 and it is one of the flagship products by Superlife Malaysia a network marketing company. It provides total health care and is proven possible by consuming STC30 regularly.  It is a product extracted from plant and fruit and plant stem cells using modern technologies. The content are mostly nutritional food or nutrition food. Considered as the most nutritious food among other products in the market.

Stem cells are undifferentiated biological cells that can differentiate specialized cells and can divide (through mitosis) to produce more healthy new stem cells. They are the universal cells and mother cells that have the potential to become any type of cell in the body. 

Mitosis is a process of the cells has the ability to become any kind of cell in the body and keep renewing themselves. You deserve to know these basic building blocks of life are fast becoming the ultimate REPAIR KIT OF THE FUTURE. When a stem cell divides and each new cell has the potential either to remain a stem cell or become another type of cell with a more specialized function. Examples are red blood cells, brain cells, muscle cells, etc.

What is Super Total Care Ingredient?

STC 30 ingredient are made up of six carefully selected plant stem cells extract from the following to make it more nutritious  :

  • Black currant juice powder
  • Bilberry extract
  • Glisodin(cantaloupe extract)
  • Glisodin (gliadin)
  • Grapes (Vitis vinifera)
  • Swiss Apple

How Super Total Care /STC30 works?

Stc30 works in the following ways;

  • Rejuvenation
  • Regeneration
  • Repair of any damaged cell or tissue of the body

You Deserve to know what type of health problems can STC30 handle?

The very explanation it is called Super is that it can oversee and treat more than 134 sicknesses and you deserve to know all these. The referred sicknesses are, Parkinson’s infection, Alzheimer’s illness, leukemia, stroke, cardiovascular failure, diabetes, fibroid, ovarian sore, Arthritis, down disorder. 

The accompanying sort of sickness are additionally included, for example, malignancy, different sclerosis, rheumatoid, spinal rope injury/loss of motion, mind injury, congestive cardiovascular breakdown, hypertension, orthopedic wounds, hair loss, deafness, visual deficiency,  glaucoma, bone marrow relocate, wound mending, kidney stones and disappointment, prostate growth, liver ailments, pancreatic brokenness, cardiovascular maladies, vision weakness, learning surrenders, skin fix and some more.

Super total care STC30 is the first-ever revolutionary oral plant-based stem cell product. Being carefully manufactured, STC 30 is;

  1. 100% clinically proven safe and effective
  2. 100% Swiss Quality Formulation
  3. 100% nontoxic and all-natural
  4. 100% Halal and FDA registered.
  5. 100% with no side effects
  6. STC 30 is with myr1,000,000 product liability by MSIG Japan.

When you are healthy you are wealthy and when you are wealthy; that is Superlife. One Sachet of  STC 30 a day keeps your doctor away. In super life and with STC 30 we say. Life is Super!

Super Total care – STC30 Ingredient.

super total care black current


The scientific name of blackcurrants is Ribes nigrum. In the past, blackcurrants were known as ‘forbidden fruit’ especially in the United States. Blackcurrants are rich in anthocyanins, polyphenols, antioxidants, vitamin C and Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA). Blackcurrant helps:

  • Regulates blood flow
  • Improves immune system
  • Intestinal health and
  • Kidney health

Blackcurrant has been scientifically proven to reduce the risk of developing metabolic disorders such as type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Blackcurrant is rich in vitamins such as E, A, B1, B5 and B6. Better yet, it is rich in Vitamin C. The vitamin C content of blackcurrants exceeds the content of Citrus plants. 

The antioxidant content in the Super Life STC30 blackcurrants is twice the amount of blueberry antioxidants. Vitamin C also aids in protein metabolism and collagen production which plays a vital role in skin care and prevents aging.

Why Blackcurrant is preferred for STC30.

The Blackcurrant used in Super Life STC30 helps improve the immune system. Blackcurrants are rich in antioxidants and anthocyanins. It helps in strengthening the immune system. It has antimicrobial, anticancer, antitoxic, antiviral and antiseptic properties. 

Blackcurrant also has a direct effect on the body’s response to inflammation. Blackcurrant powder contains Gama-linoleic acid (GLA). GLA is a Omega-6 fatty acid that helps reduce inflammation. It can help reduce pain, cramps, swelling and damage to joints and muscles.

Blackcurrant powder contains potassium and GLA which can help reduce blood pressure. GLA also helps prevent myocardial damage and prevents platelets from accumulating in the blood vessels. Studies also show that blackcurrant powder can increase blood flow from the heart and also reduce the resistance to blood vessels.

More Ingredient for Super Total Care STC30.

super total care


Glycerin is a new antioxidant supplement. As an important component of STC30, glycine stimulates the body’s antioxidant defense system. It increases the production of its own natural antioxidant body including Superoxide Dismutase (SOD, the most powerful antioxidant). Therefore, the body is better prepared to recover and to deal with stress or stress.


  • Prevention of DNA damage caused by oxidative stress
    • Prevents photo-oxidative stress
    • Prevents accumulation of lactic acid in the muscle during exercise
    • Improves cardiovascular health • Improves
    protection against oxidative stress.


The fruits and vegetables we eat produce antioxidants and carotenoids in the body, protecting them from both internal and external damage. Therefore, these foods are very beneficial for the body to increase antioxidant production.

Superoxide dismutase and glutathione peroxidase are powerful antioxidants to help fight superoxide free radicals. These two antioxidants convert free radicals into less reactive ions which are then destroyed by catalysis and glutathione peroxidase – a process called dismutation.

Usually, if someone uses Superoxide dismutase in its original form, gastric acid (stomach acid) will destroy it. However, if it is wrapped in gliadin (a carrier protein), it is protected from digestive acids and acts effectively by immune cells in the gastrointestinal system. GliSODin and superoxide dismutase are supplements that can be used to enhance the body’s antioxidant defense.



Vitis vinifera refers to cell extracts from grapes. Grapes have great anti-aging benefits in their skin and seeds. The skin and seeds of this grape will undergo a method of extracting stem cells. This technique involves slicing on the skin or seeds to remove plant stem cells called callus that are formed while trying to protect or cure plant injury.

Stem Cells from Grapes.

Stem cells are harvested from selected grapes that can withstand ultraviolet sunlight. This selective grape is able to maintain and replant the epidermal cells on the stem of the plant. Grape seeds and skin are rich in phenolic compounds such as proanthocyanidins and anthocyanins. Anthocyanins have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

What is Proanthocyanidins

Proanthocyanidins stabilize collagen production which helps in skin elasticity, reduces swelling and acts as an antioxidant. Proanthocyanidins found in Vitis Vinifera are more effective than Vitamins C and E. The sun produces UV rays that damage skin tissue and reduce the skin’s ability to bind healthy cells. 

This causes the skin cells to break down and gradually die. The antioxidants found in Vitis vinifera widely used in STC30 can bind these free radicals and prevent them from binding to healthy cells. Therefore Vitis vinifera can prevent and fight aging and skin wrinkles from exposure to sunlight.



Bilberry’s scientific name is Vaccinium myrtillus. It is a family of Ericaceae plants and is commonly referred to as whortleberry, blueberries, bear huckleberry and European blueberries. Bilberry is an essential ingredient in Super Life STC30 and has many functions. They include:
  • Protection against liver damage: The presence of antioxidants in bilberry protects the liver from possible damage caused by stress. Bilberry extract helps in the inhibition of free radical activity which contributes to increased levels of vitamin C and glutathione in the body. Increased levels of these two nutrients can drastically reduce the concentration of nitric oxide in hepatocytes.
  • Preventing Atherosclerosis: Bilberry extract contains anthocyanosises. Anthocyanosises can increase blood flow around peripheral tissues and prevent LDL cholesterol oxidation. LDL cholesterol is a leading cause for atherosclerosis. However, further studies are needed to prove this.
  • Overcome kidney failure. According to research, Bilberry extract helps normalize some of the factors that contribute to kidney failure such as creatinine, nitric oxide, and blood urea nitrogen. Antioxidants inhibit the production of free radicals that can be absorbed into the kidneys, which in turn protects the organ from oxidative damage.
  • Skin protection: Bilberry is used in many skin treatments including the treatment of ulcers and varicose veins. Bilberry intake helps improve blood circulation and prevents bowel problems that can cause certain skin disorders.
  • Prevention of cancer: Bilberry extract inhibits the growth of cancer cells. A study conducted to analyze the properties of the fight against cancer through various berries has proven that bilberry is the best in preventing cancer cells. This is due to the presence of phenolic components such as delphinidin and glycosides. Both phenols inhibit the spread of malignant cells and induce apoptosis (progressive cell death).
  • Other benefits include relieving: diarrhea and wound healing, reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, cardio-protective effects, reducing bad cholesterol, preventing urinary tract infections and protecting the eye from serious illness.

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Testimonies  for Super Total Care STC30. There are plenty of testimonies  for Superlife products especially STC30 by client and consumers. STC30 is just a health supplement that contain fruits stem cells such as apple,grapes, berries and melon. Consuming One small sachet  a day is equivalent to consuming 85 pieces of bananas(Vit B6), 22 kg of spinach(Vit E), 44 eggs(Vit D) and 18.5 oranges fruit(Vit C).

STC 30 Testimonies

STC30 is a product derived from fruit stem cells such as apple, berries, grapes, melons and you name them by Superlife World Malaysia. All Products are covered with RM1,000,000 liability insurance by MSIG Japan. Below are some testimonies by consumers. they deserved some recovery from their illness and sickness.

With Diabetes

With Osteoarthritis 

With Shingles

With eczema and allergies

Global Superlife – STC30 Consumer Testimonies.

https://youtu.be/9Jb6MqooFG0  ;


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