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Investment: What type of Investment is Good For You

Investment Medium.

Investment is available in many medium and on many platforms. The answer to “what is an investment?” is basically a quadrant of life saving or income is being put into a trusted arm whereby you get some return towards the end or maturity period.

 That is make money with money. You also can use OPM (other people money) which relates to bank loan, and credit card.

As a normal human I also want to earn some extra income and have heard many ways of achieving that.

Lesson Learnt Start here

My friends introduced me to be their downline in Network Marketing, Direct selling, Insurance Agent, Mutual Fund Agent.

Some also introduced me to try investing in the Stock Market, Options Trading, and Forex. 

I have tried them all. Guess what! None of them leads me to financial freedom.

I know that investment unit Trust is much safer. I keep telling my potential client about the investment. Rejection is always there.

I keep drawing my bank account and sometimes use my credit card.

In my mind, this must be stopped but I lost so much already. My instinct keeps me going on and I keep losing.

Let me share what I have gone through.

InvestmentBeing an Agent for various product marketing the best I did was just to support myself. I bought the products for myself for personal use. Trying to sell to relatives and friends make no gateway. What is the best rejection?

I have been trained to understand rejection and tried the techniques over and over without fruitful outcomes. Until finally I gave up while watching my other agent grow their network.

How much they make I don’t care.

Thinking Of some Investment

One day I was sitting back on my couch and did some rethinking why I failed more than the others. Then I write on a blog.

Then some idea pops into my mind. Beautiful ladies did selling much better than many agents. They have many people attracted to them. people look for them more than they go out and look for clients.

To me, there are no men that can beat beautiful ladies in selling any products.

That is about network marketing. Let’s look at investing.

The only profitable investment that I make is in the stock market. 

I learn so many TA ( technical analysis) techniques but in the end, I only realized that a person only needs one or two techniques. You basically need some capital to start with investing in the stock market. 

The more you invest and the more you get when your analysis is perfect. But the thing is never to be too complacent with your investment. I did make some profit with pltr stock before the pandemic but then I liquidated to stay safe.

Diversification  Advice

Diversification is also a must with your portfolio. People say that never put all the eggs in one basket.

That s a real truth.

When the market goes up you will be tempted to invest more and add more counters to your portfolio.

Here comes the problem. The stock market is a den for gamblers and gamblers are just like a small fish in a big pond. The real winners are the fund managers who have the buying and selling power.

When the stock market crash your stocks or counters will have a big problem. The online network affecting the trading servers will be overloaded.

You just can’t trade by yourself anymore. Your counters will go down and down. When you managed to log in, it almost too late and you have lost part of your portfolio.

The more counters you own the more you lost on paper. That is my real experience. Called the Remisier, they will answer you back, the server is down.

This Investment Type is not for Anybody

The next dark investment is in the Forex market and Options trading. MY advice is never to try these investments even with all the training that you have.

Investment forexThere are many success stories doing these investments but what are the percentages of gainers.

These types of investments are not for me but guess what! I need some extra side income fast. Yes, the return is fast, and losing is even faster. This is the investment type that greed rules.

I lose in this type of investment. My greed told me that I can recover from my loss by investing some more money. The more I put in money the more I lost. Technical indicators are all 70% bullshit with this investment.

Lastly, what would you do when you have some extra money to spend? If the money is meant to be burnt you can try investing in the Forex market and Options trading.

The safest way of investment is to create your own product and sell them on the internet.

According to Warren Buffet’s Best Investment is to invest in people. I believe that because you will be more happier when people that you helped get your assistant and become happy.

I got this from this article “All lives have equal value” is not just a principle; it’s a strategy.

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