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2018 is going to be amazing or boring

Part of my quarterly diary including 2018 exposed here.

2018 year started with what I called my first step into the online world. I have been an online netizen since the green screen IBM machines operating on DOS( Disk Operating System) was the only machine in the world after the big cupboard (mainframe IBM ).

This was the time social media use Bulletin Board System as one medium of chatting. Not until the innovative Bill Gate reinvent almost everything until today.

 I am actually not keen to expose about Yoe my diary detail however I change it a little bit and explode the single experience into some readable sentence. Please like my facebook as well .

Year 2020

To begin with the year 2020 with a big bang was not there but instead with sadness, sorrows and recession. This is the year that is similar with two edge swords for any country and people economy.

The pandemic on the other side while the cost of crude at low range on the other. Both are keeping the economy at bay for how long nobody knows.

Many companies closed down and send foreigners home to their home countries. Retrenchment continues. Cost of consumer good continue to rise. Bankruptcies began to rise.  Countries begin with the Pandemic lockdown.

The lockdown experienced is very annoying because of the force protocol. It encourage everybody to have no more gathering for wedding, festival, worship and even shake hand with your friend.

The discovery of the vaccines is still far away. While some knowledgeable countries go on with the development of the Corvid19 vaccine and some went on the traditional herbs medication. All are not proven so far as of September.

There was a limelight announcement that the vaccine can be distributed in October and the latest by January 2021. The race is still on. Which country, companies, scientist have the right footing is still unknown. Just don’t speculate who is what.

No one knows how things are developed. The possibilities of a short cut to jump in front of the queue are very possible. These are all mind games and could involve with some level of corruption as well.

 This is especially true for countries who master the corruption skills. Many things are expected beyond corruption such as depriving the poor from the vaccine in future.

Will the vaccine be imitated for distribution? just like the strange rice made from white plastic or lettuce made from plastic and even eggs are made from other material.

 They look exactly the same.  So be aware about these products. Even product label can be altered to make them look genuine. Don’t go to any places of distribution of the vaccines beside the government hospital.

I am very sure that you will blame your government if you visit these centers for receiving bad or imitated products.

 It is entirely depending on any government to be passionate towards their citizen who votes for them to give or provide them with equal opportunities.

Going toward the year end seem to be a Corvid19 political campaign and excuses for any company to operate. With the Vaccine is undiscovered, crude oil remaining low and companies continue to shut down there will be more economic disaster on the horizon.

How to get over 2020 and years ahead without the vaccines.

The only true survival job is to toil the soil. Any fruitful outcome from toiling the ground is a proven recession proof jobs. Even if you cannot sell your products you can use them for your own consumption.

Who knows that you can support others as well with your products? First stage to survive is to protect yourself first. Save yourself before you can save others.

Record in 2019 worst than 2018

The year began with no different than the year 2018. Except that the month of November started to shake the world. Some people were alert while some take for granted as if things are as usual and manageable.

The Corvid19 which is a SAR like virus have began to take some footing and many lives in many countries. People were so complacent as it is still in 2018 until some panic button was triggered in Wuhan China. It went on towards the end of the year with some nervousness and uncertainty or direction. Many so called prophets have visions about the virus. Nobody ever look back what happen in 2018 anymore.

Some politicians also blame other countries for lack of procedures to keep the virus at bay.  People with high influences were confused because nothing seem to be declining in the rate for  victims and spill over to the year 2020. Blame culture began with powerful countries against each other. So far there is no compromised. Damn! That’s quite ruthless and egoist.

What will happen in 2018

2018 was what I thought of to be an improvement  for my online shop business with a bang!. Then come to the month of January it was so calm as an ocean without breeze.

 I remember when I was offshore standing on top of the helipad overlooking beyond the horizon during a breezeless morning or evening. The sight was so nice and looks peaceful. I only see dolphins swing.

Sometimes the Chinese coast guard ship appears from the horizon and came toward our facilities. Just imagine that they don’t bother of the seriousness of marine law.

They came so close and waved their hands. That is merely 500 meters.

Come to the year end the struggle was still there doing all the SEO but still the business remained quietly at the corner of the universe. Look like that there is no existence of the website at all.

2017 Was A Great Year so will be 2018

I look back with thankfulness in my carrier for my holy Father in Heaven for the  blessing on me until  2017 and look forward still thank Jesus my redeemer.

A year where my online business sucked  like crazy! It has been three years after my premature retirement due to retrenchment that I started my online business related to online shop set up and affiliate marketing.

Oil and gas business and employment is like a bleeding business. I say so because when the cost of crude goes down, it cause many hardship for the economy for everybody. It affects all the distribution chain from the upstream to downstream distribution.

Countries with rich resources of oil and gas like to open and close their wells to make profit or kill other small companies. There are plenty of oil moguls out there who want other companies and even countries to kneel down before them like a god.  

For them money in billionth is never enough even if they use the money as their toilet papers , napkins, fire booster or even as the roof of their houses it’s never enough. They never care the general societies that suffer.

Because the operating cost of the oil and gas business is damn expensive many small cash reserve companies just close down and joint another companies to stay afloat but employees have to leave earlier before there is no cash to pay for compensation.

Personal life

I like this quote by Winston Churchill “The Pessimist Sees Difficulty In Every Opportunity. The Optimist Sees Opportunity In Every Difficulty.”

In my personal life I would love to be financially free with my houses and properties and maintain the higher standard of living for my family.

Everybody says that.

From a millionaire to a broke millionaire is not a nice emotion to swallow. Except not naked. Its true as Murphy law  “whatever goes up will come down”.

It was true for a gravity force of 7.8g for a material to drop. In lifes also it does applies. Either you lose a hundred, a thousand or even a millionth. To me I thank God for I experienced it all because other people lose billionth!.

Wrap Up and see the amazing shop.

Just live a life!

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