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More online Training is a way to grade a worker’s skill and competency to suit his or her worksite job description. Workers must be trained if possible to become multi-skill by the employer because they are the cash cows for the company. 

Training a person in multiple skills is considered cheap if you want to reduce your workforce to save on operating costs. I knew this because I was a trainer for frontline operators in oil and gas for 11 years from the construction yard to the field.

Go to the training website where there are many courses that offers specific need and get a certificate of completion when you complete. The list below are not limited to:


  • OSHA – Occupational Health and safety training
  • DOT- Transportation Hazmat safety training
  • MSHA – Mine Safety Training
online training
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online training
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The following are various  online training short cut link for your convenience.

Ladder Safety – Worker Safety Course Online – CA

Ladder Safety Training for Canada compliance (OHS, CSA) for portable, fixed, specialty and job-made ladders. I-CAB Recognized. This course satisfies the requirements for the classroom training. Quiz questions along the way prepare you for the final written exam. Upon completion, you will be able to print your certificate and a wallet card, as well as a customizable form which can be used by employers as needed to observe the worker’s application of the principles discussed during the training.

Wisconsin UST Class A/B Operator Training

Wisconsin UST Class A/B Operator Training , provided by PASS Training & Compliance

Basics of Petroleum Refining

The program content focuses on the basic definitions of petroleum refining with a brief explanation of crude oil chemistry and the impact on the refinery, and a fundamental discussion of the nature and purpose of the major refining processes. In addition, the characteristics of refinery products are explored. Finally, the basic economics associated with refining and the effects of recent environmental regulations on product processing are examined.

Trench Safety – Operator Safety Course Online

An OSHA-Compliant Training Class Online for Trench Safety. I-CAB Recognized. This course satisfies OSHA’s requirements for the classroom portion of operator safety training. 

Quiz questions along the way prepare you for the final written exam. 

Upon completion, gain access to and print off your test, certificate, and a checklist which can be used by your employer to administer the required practical observation.

Identifying Your Hazardous Wastes

Identifying hazardous wastes according to RCRA regulations helps environmental professionals to determine how the waste must be managed. 

This course covers identification of hazardous wastes, characteristics of hazardous wastes, and universal and miscellaneous wastes according to RCRA regulations. 

This course also discussed discarded material and excluded hazardous wastes in details. Apart from RCRA regulations, this course also covers Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) regulations in details. 

A major objective of TSCA is to characterize and evaluate the risks posed by a chemical to humans and the environment before the chemical is introduced into commerce.

Florida 63 Hour Real Estate Prelicense Basic Package

This comprehensive pre-license course covers everything students need to know to pass the licensing exam. The modules introduce all aspects of the real estate industry, beginning with different areas and specialties, license law, and licensing requirements. 

We explore the common relationships and duties involved in providing real estate services, brokerage activities, and procedures. This course will also get into fair housing laws, property rights, title and deeds, and land descriptions. 

Next, it is on to the world of contracts: contract types, contract elements, contract performance, and termination. Residential mortgages are covered in depth as well as loan processing, servicing, and foreclosures.

 Students will learn all about closing, settlement, prorating, disclosures, and the major appraisal concepts and approaches. We wrap up with modules covering investments, taxes, and city planning and zoning.

Real estate mathematics can be very daunting and confusing. However, by beginning with a review of basic math skills and reinforcing what is already known, students will soon learn to apply real estate terminology.

Apply specific formulas to problems and tasks common in the real estate industry such as area and volume calculation, the Rectangular Survey System, the Metes and Bounds System, proration, commission rates, and property values.

 This course will help students develop the skills to complete a review of settlement costs and explain this information to clients.

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