Our Celebration is Now Restricted

Our Celebration is Now Restricted

Our Celebration is Now Restricted for all Holidays in Malaysia that used to be truly awesome. Beside having many states with their own state holidays there are many national holidays as well. Malaysia is a multi racial and of course multi religious  country too. Thus made it a truly country that observe many traditional holidays. It is made up of three states Malaya, Sarawak and Sabah. A considerably small and young country with over 31 million populations. The country neighbor next door are Indonesia, Thailand, Philipines, Singapore and Brunei.

The following are the national Holidays in Malaysia.

National Holidays in yearly almanac: ( # some variation due to lunar calendar)

  • 1 January, Friday – New Year’s Day (national except Johor, Kedah, Kelantan, Perlis & Terengganu)
  • 28 January, Thursday – Thaipusam (only in Johor, KL, Negeri Sembilan, Penang, Perak, Putrajaya & Selangor)
  • 12 February, Friday – Chinese New Year
  • 13 February, Saturday – Chinese New Year Holiday
  • 29 April, Thursday – Nuzul Al-Quran (national except Johor, Kedah, Melaka, Negeri Sembilan, Sabah & Sarawak)
  • 1 May, Saturday – Labour Day
  • 13 May, Thursday* – Hari Raya Aidilfitri
  • 14 May, Friday* – Hari Raya Aidilfitri Holiday
  • 26 May, Wednesday – Wesak Day
  • 7 June, Monday – Agong’s Birthday
  • 20 July, Tuesday – Hari Raya Haji
  • 10 August, Tuesday – Awal Muharram
  • 31 August, Tuesday – National Day
  • 16 September, Thursday – Malaysia Day
  • 19 October, Tuesday – Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday
  • 4 November, Thursday – Deepavali (national except Sarawak)
  • 25 December, Saturday – Christmas Day

Holiday Celebration before the Corvid19 Pandemic.

Before the Corvid19 Pandemic celebrating these holidays are really awesome, full of fun, full of entertainment. For example during the Chinese New Year celebration at least in each Chinese location there is a common center for anybody regardless of skin color, religions and background are allowed to join and enjoy the food delicacies and free entertainment for one whole day. Of course as a multi religious nation, food served is made to halal standard to enable the Muslim community to attend as well.

The same scenarios when the Hari Raya and Deepavali celebration are on. Everybody simply take time to mix around making many new friends and meet some friends.

Traditional Celebration Outperformed  National Celebration.

This is where the celebration outperforms the national celebration at its own traditional value. It because it is not done anywhere except in the state of Sabah and Sarawak. That is really awesome !

In Sarawak and Sabah there is a different celebration of tradition called the Gawai Dayak for Sarawak and Keamatan in Sabah. The same scenario is set up.  The uniqueness is for Gawai because almost all the native Dayaks tribe the Ibans, Bidayuhs, Bisayas and other small tribes celebrate it in their own community environment. Drinking homemade rice and tapioca wine is a must. Traditional recipes like the glutinous rice cook in bamboo trunk and meat cooked also in bamboo trunk mixed with rice wine.

Holly Grail, don’t get drunk with this rice wine. It taste sweet and some sour. Since it taste so nice when it is taken with some bbq delicacies like pork ribs, head, liver, kidney, chicken legs, chicken wings you don’t realize that you are getting drunk. So bring some antidote along with you.

These antidotes are very rare in the country. When you chew and keep it in your mouth while you drink any liquor, you will not get drunk at all. This material is a jungle product that can only be made to order from me. One gram cost MYR10/g.

Sarawak Gawai Celebration Activities.

Activities During the Traditional Gawai Celebration.

At the state level the highlights normally include beauty pageant contest, singing competition , sape music competition and sometimes the central location to host the celebration provides some business booth to allow local producers to display their locally made products such as machetes, basket, necklace, bags, sape and many dozen more types of products.


Restricted Celebration.

 When the pandemic started in late year 2019 the whole lively celebration are restricted to keep the corvid 19 spreading at bay. Visiting to relatives and friend house are not allowed and there is no open celebration.

But when the statistic came down and the Government is generous. The Government allows some adjustment that visiting are allowed but restricted numbers of visitors per visit but still there shall be no open celebration as usual. This is where things became loose whereby condition keep on changing as Yes and No become No and Yes. Each Minister Push regulation in different direction because not all corvid19 affected areas is of the same intensity. To the general public regardless of some restriction they still get going and do what they can do.

So in May 2021 the pattern goes up and the Government push for another movement control order (MCO) nationwide but for the State of Sarawak the local Government implement conditional MCO. Good luck for the people of Sarawak because of the very lenient and generous State Government that foresee many good things ahead to support them even if the people get infected.

At the end of May and beginning of June is a period of traditional celebration for Sarawak and Sabah. Will the people follow their own CMCO or the government? Just see the statistic after that to confirm the generosity of the State Government especially the Sarawak State Government.

The Beauty Of A Holiday


There are many things that I love about life. I love the fact that we were given eyes to see, ears to hear, and mouths to speak and to taste amazing food. I love it that I can see things in color and that I can experience beauty all around me just by going for a walk outside. I’m glad that we are able to work to provide for ourselves and that we can work doing things we enjoy. One of the things in life that I love the most, however, is a good holiday.

I love a good holiday because they don’t happen everyday. A holiday is a unique day that is set aside to celebrate a wide variety of things. And I enjoy this. I enjoy the anticipation of an upcoming holiday like almost nothing else in the world. Everyone who knows me well knows that I get giddy and excited nearly a week before any holiday is approaching.

I love a good holiday because it means that normal life gets to be put on hold and that we can spend a day relaxing and enjoying the best things in life with the people we love the most. There is nothing better than sleeping in or getting up early with the knowledge that the entire day is devoted to hanging out with people and relaxing. That is the beauty of a holiday.

If you don’t feel this excitement about the approach of a holiday than I’ll suggest that maybe you have the wrong view of what a holiday is all about. You cannot let yourself work through a holiday as if it were any other day, nor can you spend a holiday alone. No. A holiday is meant to be enjoyed in a community of people. So before the next holiday approaches you need to plan a party and gather all of the people you know. Plan on having a totally relaxing and fun day together. Organize games, movies or just time for good conversation.

The beauty of a holiday is that we get to slow down and remember that we are not machines and that are lives are valuable and worth being lived fully. We get to spend time on what matters most, not on our work or on the things that keep us busy throughout the week. So make a commitment now to enjoy whatever holiday rolls around next. You won’t be sorry, and you just might make a habit of it.

How To Stay Healthy in any Holiday Season

For the Christmas and new year a “Ho ho ho ho, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!” As this holiday season approaches at the end of the year, many of us are preparing for big celebrations and parties. This also was done differently for the year 2020  but not for food, snacks, wine, beverages… there is no better time of the year to fill yourself to your heart’s desire!

However, if you are a health-conscious type of person, then this article will reveal some tips for staying healthy this holiday season (while everyone else around you gains 5 pounds!).

Below are 5 tips for keeping yourself healthy during holiday season:

  1. Eat Snacks Moderately – Let’s face it, snacks are abundant during the holidays seasons (as if they aren’t already throughout the year). If you take a seat within an arm’s reach of the snack table, you’re going to have a tough time keeping yourself from unconsciously grabbing handfuls of party mix, candies, and the like and picking at them all day. By sitting on the other side of the room, getting to the snacks involves a conscious effort into getting up and walking over to get at the snacks.
  2. Exercise, Exercise, Exercise! – There is no better thing to do during this festive season than to exercise! If the weather permits it, go out and take a quick walk around the house or block. If your celebration is taking place in a colder climate, you’ll be more inspired to quicken your pace and burn a few extra calories in the process. If the weather is bad, do 10-20 squats, stretches, or other brief exercise each time you go to the restroom. You only want to do just enough to elevate your heart rate, but not break out into a sweat. Chances are, no one will know what you’re doing, and you won’t have to feel self-conscious about trying to maintain your figure.
  3. Eat More Healthy Foods – Take an extra scoop of vegetables and fruit when filling your plate, and by the time you finish, you won’t have room for the other foods which are higher in calories and more likely to cause you to gain weight. Also, avoid those fatty and fried foods (they taste good, but you know they aren’t healthy!)
  4. Drink A Lot Of Water Throughout The Day – Water helps your body stay fit. Drink a fair amount of water or other unsweetened beverage before each meal, as well as during and between them. The liquid in your stomach will help trick your mind into not feeling as hungry, which reduces the tendency to gorge yourself on potentially fattening foods.
  5. Eat In Smaller Portions – Instead of eating platefuls of food, try eating smaller portions throughout the day. No doubt, everything at the table looks good, and it’s all you can do to keep from filling your plate 2-3 times so that you can sample everything. An easy way to combat this urge is to simply take a smaller portion than you normally would of those dishes you’re most interested in, especially belt-bursting desserts. Split a piece of pie or cake with your spouse, child, or another family member who may be watching his or her waistline.

Keeping healthy during this holiday season is simply making sure you follow healthy habits just like anytime of the year. However, don’t fret it if you end up gaining a few pounds during the holidays. After all, the holiday season is only one of the few times of the year where you can truly enjoy yourself!

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