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How General Election Polls May Be Done In GE15

How Malaysia’s General Election Polls (MGE15) May be Conducted.

MGE15 is still a long way to go following the constitution but due to political leadership crab mentality MGE15 is uncertain. It can be held any time before Sept 2023.

Why that is possible.

In the year 2018 the federal government under UMNO was knocked off the ring that they ring fenced for decades by political circles(UMNO, MCA,MIC,GERAKAN, PBB,SUPP,PDP,PRS, PBRS and many more …) by the opposition arsenal PKR,DAP,PPBM.

Somewhere not even at midterm, greed took over and established an unelected government people called back door government led by the current Prime Minister. He swiped DR. Mahathir who was the PM then and even disowned them from the same party PPBM. The later became party less until they established another new political party.

Current PM is smart in one way because he didn’t listen to other political rivals or friends. He has his own silos. He hooked few of his fieriest but fairest political rivals from PAS, UMNO along with his secret political cooks from PPBM and PKR. Gave them ministerial posts and head of GLCs. He created over 30 ministers in his cabinet. By ratio of the population of the country that numbers is too many.

weight loss

The next government may have more than that numbers.

Many political activities have been going on to strengthened the current federal government which is good but politically still not hardened but more like a sponge and fluid administration and so far so good because the people have no choice under the pandemic that affect the whole world. Many still think that he is unwelcome by unpopular opinions but he is still there telling people that more will receive some money soon as long as the pandemic remains.

He gave away many financial aids to the people who he thinks were the only people affected. Those were the retrenched from certain companies and government servants. He use many jargons such as B40,M40, BSH, BPN and others. Beyond that, those are left out especially those who didn’t fall under that category who have no tax record.

He should credit evenly to every citizen who has identity card right embedded into the card smart card or chip. Do not use B, M or what so ever.

smart chip

Because he is a kind hearted man he partially or maybe keep those issues that make many holes in the country development such as court cases for kidnapping, corruption, religious extremist, drugs and many others in his own drawers for the time being. Next government will handle that maybe.

When is the General Election Polls for Sarawak

The State of Sarawak election is just by the corner waiting for the flood gate to open. The government term started from 7 June 2016 to 7 June 2021 ( now is April 2021) whereby election must be held by 7 September 2021 or even before that.

Sarawak political partiesMany behind the door campaign being going on by the rivals and even those from political parties from Malaya. Trying their luck are PPBM,PAS,PSB to push back the GPS (PBB, PDP, PRS,SUPP)government.



Similar issues are used to buy the heart of the people in the state such as the MA63 (formation of Malaysia in 1963 act or memorandum) or anything that is related to the right of the people of Sarawak including economic. All the previous federal administration have done the trick to get the Sarawak people to support the federal government saying that ‘yes’ this will be discussed or this will be amended or whatever the words of tricks. This time around is not different by the current PM because Dr. Mahathir as the PM in his previous term has done it many many times.

Sarawak wealth has been seen to have been deprived by just a few smart politicians and tycoons while the rest of the bigger chunk by the federal government. By God grace the people still seem to be adaptable so far even they knew the entire culprit (invincible prince and princess of darkness) behind.

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The same issues such as NCR land (affecting native’s tribes land) and forest (affecting mainly the Penans) issues are used to garner people support for the political parties in any election. So far majority of the voters are blinded by sweet potatoes sellers. Peoples’ mind can swing badly if big money is used to buy voters. Just a mere 10 to 500 ringgit is wasting money but in the range of 500 and above may be good bait for every voter to give support to change the government.

The Hold Up.

To unlock the general election for the state and federal is depending with the situation of the pandemic otherwise the people just don’t care as long as they receive financial goodies from the government and remain marginalized by the elite politicians and relatives of the tycoons.


Guess who the winner is in Sarawak next general election polls ?

Will the GPS (PBB, PDB,PRS,SUPP) in current government continue to be the state government or the rivals (PSB, PKR,PAS)political parties.

PAS may join GPS upon PM recommendation.


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