print on demand

How To Design Once and Used Multiple Times

print on demand
3 Best Design for some of these merchandized- Click on Image to view.

Customized Design and Own Brand Print on Demand.

Customized Design and Own Brand Print on Demand is another trend for business online during this hard time the era of the Corvid 19 pandemic. Exposure to factories nearby you can drop in and submit your design is no longer a norm but instead you can just post your design once electronically to the factories and they do the print for you. 

They can print multiple time on their set of products such as mugs, t-Shirt, hoodies, blouse, jugs, bottles, phone covers and casing and many more.

The best part that couple with this method currently is that not only the factories print your material but they do the packaging and logistic too. Your job is to promote your product online for example on shopify as dropshipprint shopify , Etsy , eBay and even your blog and just collect any commission when people buy their products with your design on it.

These printing factories are remote and the quality and quantity of their products are unknown to you. Do you need to know about it? I guess not necessary. You just create your design and select their products where your design can be printed. They print for you when people order it with your custom design.

Another good thing about print on demand is that some of these sites allow you to set up your own material cost if you do not want their default material cost for the customers.

You do not need to worry about the product quality, type of products, material used such as color, storage, logistic, packaging and the rest.

You just get paid when they sell their product using your design. The numbers can be small and big and that is your passive income. You designed once and that can be used on any products multiple times.

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