Start a Blog Post that Make Money

How to Start a Blog Post that Make Money

Start A Blog Post that make Money-Decide the Content

Here’s how it works?
Start a Blog Post that make money is never easy for majority of bloggers. There are over 2 billion blog in the world of internet. If your posting does not have any reliable and interesting content your posting will never be appeared in any top search pages.

If it does appears especially within the first page you are not lucky but because you make it that way. That may not stand for long and may appear only on next 10 pages.

When your post appears on the first page of google search there is a tendency that visitors will click your link and possibly forward it to their social media pages like Facebook, Instagram, twitter, tumbler, reddit and so on. That’s how your blog posting get viral.

Add on to that if your post allows paid advertisement google can pay you some money when your visitor click on the advertisement that appears on your page.

You will have many advantages when you post any affiliate products link on your post as well. When 1% of your 1,000,000 visitors buy the affiliate products that a lot of commission for you to take home from the products’ creators.
That is how to start blogging for money when your blog posting are relevant.

How to create Viral Blog Post Content?

Everyone wants to create viral content. I mean, really who doesn’t wants a constant stream of free traffic to their blog. It helps increasing SEO ranking, it helps increasing email list, it helps popularizing the blog and blogger and it also will increase income and profit for sure. But not everyone is able to create viral content.

Selection of a good niche. There are a lot of niches surrounding us,but one has to select the best among the rest. The selected ones could be describe as the best niches because they are popularly known due to it nature. Niches on sports, relationship, health, fashion, automobiles, are best describe as good niches.

Therefore post or articles on this niches will truly be demanded by readers. Therefore to grab your readers attention you must research on their demand for specific niche.

Secondly, one has to find good keywords on the selected niche. The keyword serves as the tittle on every post you publish on your blog. If the tittle of the post on your blog looks more interesting or understandable and informative you will definitely grab your readers attention any time they come to your blog or when they are inform by newsletters.

So, let’s start how to start a blog and make money for free:

Step 1. Find already written great content.
Starting from none can be little hard and to make things easier just go to Reddit or Stumble Upon or Buzzsumo and search for the content (in your niche) that is already being liked and shared highly by the viewers. The content that already proved to be viral.

Use google search for your topic to identify top pages and blog posts that have content similar to your keywords. Study them and improve it with your own version.

You can re-engineered the same content using online tools like Do bear in mind that the outcome from this tool mostly need to be refined by you as well. Sometimes the output become very funny with the words reproduced.

Start a Blog Post that Make Money-spinbot There are many free online articles which you can grab and post them only if the article are PLR.

Step 2. Improve the content you found.
Even if you have found world’s best piece of content, it can still be improved.
Edit the entire post and headline or you can suffer from duplicate content issue.

Rewrite the post in your own words and even improved. Using spinbot online tool is quite useful in this aspect. Use these techniques to make it better-

Add more links – Always Link to other external blogs in your niche and also within your own website. Not only it will generate trust among your readers but will also improve your relations with other bloggers and may be one day they also link back to your blog in their posts.

Increase Media – If more images, screenshots or videos can be added in the post than don’t hesitate to do it. The more media rich a post is the more it is shared. Info media is a great way to attract viewers attention. Create or link any online info media such as info graphics within your post.

Increase post length – Buzzsumo found out that the post which ranges between 3,000-10,000 words are the ones which are highly shared. Now if the content you are editing is already in this range then great but if it’s not then make it. Most blog post are really short between 600 – 1000 words.

When this is the range of your post page, do try to enrich it to a minimum of 3,000 words.
When you lack that try to add more info graphics and videos.

Call to action – how to social share and earn with your blog is to encourage your readers for sharing your content on their social media is to add call to action at the end of each post such as social share button to Facebooks, Instagram, Pinterest, twitter, tumbler, YouTube, WhatsApp.

Step 3. Promote Your Content?
Using WordPress to create you blog post is so easy because of few underlying capabilities. There are many plugins that can be installed to automate your post for sharing to many social media platform. You can schedule the sharing or select emails to post it.

When you finish your writing you can just share it immediately of at selected day and time to your own social media account or to your social media followers.

Always promote the content that you have written on your own social media to your own friends and followers first and even encourage them to share it further.

You can use the following websites to promote your content:-
SlideShare – site for sharing some materials such as training notes for learning purposes and marketing exposure.
StumbleUpon– a site for allowing bog post and share with your followers. The more followers you have the more exposure you have.
Reddit– A site to post some blog link for the public.
Twitter– A social site your post your blog links so that other people and general public or visitors can access your posting.. 
Facebook – the most popular social media site that is having unlimited of users. All it needs it for you to have as many followers so that your marketing reach is wider.

Instagram, Pinterest, wechat, telegram are also all social media platforms where you can post your blog link for your organic visitors to read.

Step4. How to promote other people products and earn commission

Teespring – This website is a print on demand opportunities that is available worldwide. Visit the website and register as a user. As a registered user you can design any graphics , logos, wording that can be printed on T shirts, trousers, mugs, caps, socking, pillow sheets and many more. Decide what best for your market and design the graphic by yourself.

start a blog post-teespring

Artist savvy or not is still possible for you to create an attractive design. Website such as canva, png allows you to make online design for free. Thousands of images are available for you to use and import that to your teespring account.

You can either follow default price for your merchandize or decide your own price. You get the profit when online visitors buy your material.

Dropship– This online business model is booming during this pandemic period because many people are out of jobs and are looking for income. The numbers of dropshippers are ever increasing and people are making more money by selling other peoples’ products online.

How it works – You list the product or product’s link on your website or popular online webstore such as Amazon, eBay,Shopify,Lazarda, Shopee. When people buy the product, their order is sent directly to the warehouse of that product that can be in China or US. They will do all the dirty and hectic job for you until the buyer get the product.

You will receive your profit into your account when the buyer receive the product.

You can also list the product on your website if you are using wordpress and woocommerce. Woocommerce have plugins that enable you to import all products listed in Aliexpress and other platform into your own website shop with a mouse click.

Oberlo is also providing you with similar abilities to import its products into shopify with a mouse click.

Likewise you can do manual listing if our API for the plug in is not working for you.

China Chinese are really good in doing online business. There are many online “warehouses” similar to Aliexpress. Cj,Banggood, 1688 and many others are coming up with similar item but different prices.

I must warn that cross border transaction may be difficult if you are not organized with your payment gateway. Do spent some days to carried out your own home work before you get stuck. But generally trades are normal except when there is crisis of course that guarantees almost nothing.

Sponsorship– This is one of the most non organic ways to earn money online. Mostly people just know that putting on some advertisement on your website will earn you some money based on pay per click (PPC).

But what about putting yourself onto their website and also get paid!. Some corporate website can offer you to write for them for their products and service and get paid.  Only for those with category AAA bloggers and not for beginners.

Sometimes some corporate products want to put up their banners on your website for a fees. That is basically making you more money online even when you are out to sleep or travelling.

Online match maker and membership- Depending with your content such as to avoid banned materials online. Making money with this business model is astounding success. You promote lonely people for a fee to get connected. This normally attracted sugar daddy, sugar mummy and lesbian. They have more money to give away to their client.

If you overdo it your website can be run down by the authority.

To Start a Blog Post that Make Money with Affiliate  is a free startup online business. This business model is gaining momentum due to better internet access worldwide. To get involve is just by registering with any affiliate website such as clickbank, cj,digistore24,involve just to name a few.

After you are registered as a member, you will be exposed to many products such as digital and physical ones. Apply for approval from the products creator so that you will be provided with a deeplink. With the link, you will be able to promote their product on your website or any website or social media.

You will get paid when people buy the product from your link based on promised commission.

Step5. Add download as PDF share button.
Another way to increase your sharing is to give your readers the option of downloading your entire post as a pdf file on sharing.

This method is powerful if you write a great post which your readers might wish to read even offline.
Create a call to action link to capture your visitors email when they want to download your file.

They will receive your future post automatically after you create them. If you know how to configure your setting in the plugin in such a way that your recipients will get any post of the past that they have not receive at random.

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