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Here Are Some Of Multiple Stream Of Passive Income

Where to Discover your Multiple Streams Of Income.

Multiple streams of passive income for the next few months towards 2021 need to be done more online due to the prolong pandemic. As reported in the eCommerce site, there are surges of shopping online website and revenue derive from online shopping site particularly Dropshipping websites.

Among those who racked in huge profit include Alibaba founder Mr. Jack Ma.

Since many people were made redundant and there is no physical jobs available! why not set up your own website for posting blogs and items to sell. Join the sale online site communities.

There are numerous opportunities to sell anything online. You can make use of Google business site which is free to post your items. Search for  “shop Google” can get you to Google shopping site.

If you already have a website that have item to sell and need to be posted in Google you can use plugins to provide a feed to Google. With one click and the job is done.

If you are a sport person and you know all about sport you can post sport shoes. Get the product from Aliexpress and post on your site.

Network marketing online for Multiple Streams Of Passive Income.

Selling some products that are normally done via multilevel marketing can also be done online. Due to this pandemic that continues to take its toll in business and lives it is a good idea that you switch to internet marketing. It help you to market your product and recruit your agent for your network marketing.

You don’t need any sales representative. Your website will be your sale representative and work for your on 24 x7.

As more and more people are suffering from coronavirus they will be less business activities offline compare to online business.

You can make use of free sites to post your product beside google business site. To name a few are like website Quora and Premium where you can post your blog related to product link.

👉Linktree  is also a good website for you to create some link for your products.

Posting your product on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube are also getting more exposure for free.

Where to get product to sell

Unless you are creative you can make your own product to sell on line. To get product to sell are “MUOP” make use other people product like those from Oberlo, Kumoten, Onebuy, Aliexpress, Amazon, ebay and many more.

Affiliate products are really giving some handful income too. Physical products and eproduct from clickbank, jvzoo, digistore24,warriorplus, and involve are plenty to chose from.

Creating ebook to sell online are common too. Use this apps👉 Sqribble  to create your ebook and post it on👉 Gumroad for sell.

Multiple Streams of passive incomeI am just starting to share with you some tips to earn Multiple streams of  passive income by doing online or internet marketing. Scan the QR code for more tips.

There are many more such as teaching or training online such as 360training. Selling used items on Etsy site is also profitable.

With all these information you just need more time to set them up once. After that you may need one or two hours daily to do some update for your websites and product.

DO you believe in yourself?

If you and you will get more extra income by doing the above. Are you familiar with Clickfunnel? A similar website is doing the same capability. Check this 👉  website . Its is FREE.

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