How To Rank Higher In All Search Engines

How to rank better.

Your question is of no different than my questions when it comes to either writing blogs or hosts an online shop. Writing blog posts once a week to get more content for your website in the hope to get more traffic because that is one of the golden rules.  

Write beautiful content with most search keywords that you get from Google search. AT the end of the day your ranking is still far below 10 million. You are wondering why after putting so much effort your ranking is still way down the rank. 

This typically happens when your website is still new on the internet, maybe just 6 months old. That’s for real. Do not expect your website to be ranked yet especially when you just registered one year ago.

What to write for posting.

Writing a blog some of the interesting subjects related to keywords that rank better in Google is a must core content. For example, is to write some story or recommendation or maybe some testimonies about products that can be either an E-products or physical products that are mostly searched in Google.

Making a storyline following the current situation like for weight loss, breast enlargement, popular face masks, and generation millennium gadgets is a good starting point that includes some affiliate product recommendations.

Online shop maze.

Setting up your online shop is not easy to get sales because there are so many millions of online shopping sites and platforms that offer almost the same things. Almost 70% of the material online comes from China. 

People are using Obelo, Aliexpress, OnBuy, Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Lazada, Shopee, and many more. There are thousands of them out there. How are you going to show up above them in Google? They spent millions of dollars to keep them stay on the top ranks. 

For you and me, we have no money like them, so don’t expect to get rank better. You may be told to use their keywords, yes you can but you just cannot get alongside them.

Minor trick to get rank my way.

There is plenty of tricks to get your online marketing get rank on google. First is of course writing good posting content that captivates your visitor ( if there is any), the flow of your content to make your reader get  “hypnotized”, put in some color like images, text color, or background color. 

Humans are attracted to colors so do some color blending. Your colors may not be like by your visitors. Never mind just do it if you think that your preference is wonderful.

The wonders for my site was unexpected. My page jump in ranking from under 11 million in February 2020 to 710,000 in July 2020 and ranked 2,300 in Malaysia. I laughed at it and is happening I said to my self. 

But the thing is that my visitors are still so few. Hardly 100 visitors a month. This could be a mystery. Get high rank but few visitors.

Pandemic era help me rank better.

What I did during the pandemic was to show up beautiful girls shopping on the background. I made so many changes for my posting until I lost all my pages and posting. I just gave up on it. 

Then I created an online shopping page in the hope to get online buyers. I put on mostly women materials like breast enlargement cream, weight loss magnetic ring and bracelets, fancy face masks. 

I get these goodies to sell on my page from the Aliexpress dropshipping suppliers platform. I use Woocommerce Aliexpress plugin for WordPress. The plugin is so excellent and reliable because I also can link my online shop to Facebook

On Facebook, it shows up on my business page. Very good plugins. I recommend the plug into you my readers.

Speed is the limit. So my final answer is to continue posting articles and avoid too many images and scripts on your site because speed is another ingredient for ranking. Make sure your page load less than 3 seconds.

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