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Can I Buy Superlife STC30 Now

Where to Buy Superlife STC30, SIC,SNC,SICC15.

Superlife STC30 and the other products are nicely packaged in small boxes. For STC30 is in 4.5 x 9.5 x 18.3 cm for bigger box and 2 x 8.5 x 20.5 for medium box. The other packages are more or less in same sizes of boxes. Delivery are via courier services all over the world from the Superlife world warehouse at the Hq in Kuala Lumpur with a surcharge over the packages about 10%.

In reality this charges doesn’t deter anybody who want to get involved in the network marketing business. The current trend  as of June 2020 shows that the volume and numbers of people involve are increasing rapidly towards 300,000 people in over 40 countries. With that numbers are you convinced with the business and products? If you do, get in touch with the form to process just for you.  

Superlife world products can be purchased as follows :

Via an offline agent: This is only applicable if you live nearby the agent or HQ in Kuala Lumpur whereby the agent comes to you. An agent or member is a registered person and recruited via another agent as introducer. There are 3 main categories of entry whereby you purchase the package and this will make you a registered member for life with no expiry membership fees.

starPackage as a Star category, you purchase only one box of STC30 value at RM450.

SupremePackage as a Supreme category , you purchase 4 boxes of STC30 value at RM1,800

superPackage as a Super category, you purchase 10 boxes of STC30 value at RM4,500.

Via an online Agent with online infrastructure. – For a distance is a gap or a barrier, that is you can’t find anybody near you there is another better ways to process your application.  You can get more information about these products among other easy to sell products as well by reading the material here. If you decide to join, you can register by just log-in the website. Make sure you fill in all required basic requirement before sending. Incomplete information will delay your application. Select the category in the form detail. You can bank in your money as specified after you send or submit the form. DO allow 14 to 30 days to get your confirmation due to the current pandemic condition that disturbs all the logistic. More information here….          

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